Statement From Monica RW

Events has occurred with the Campaign in which you as a supporter need to be informed. 

Please, if possible take the time to read though important information which has impacted the quest to become the next Ypsilanti Township Treasurer, and has lead to a suspension of the campaign.

Additional information has been gathered over the past two weeks, since April 21, 2020, at 8:00 pm, when receiving the first call of what can best be dubbed as a 
"Switch-A-Roo" between two other candidates as reported by MLive here.

Unfortunately, since this time, more details have been learned up to and including an unknown legal error in the Monica Ross-Williams for Ypsilanti Township Treasurer Campaign Affidavit of Identity and Receipt of Filing.

Specifics are available on 
Facebook here including how the campaign was notified of this four months and five days (on Saturday, April 25, 2020) after originally turning in this Legal Document.

Sadly, upon learning this information AFTER the designated time (April 21, 2020 by 4:00 pm ET) to correct the error, the campaign as a result cannot continue the race for Ypsilanti Township Treasurer.

As the Video Describes below the Monica Ross-Williams, has now been forced to engage what will be an Legal Injunctive Relief Court action to be removed from the ballot. Please take 30 minutes to watch this video to learn why.

As heard in the video, Legal Action is forthcoming to remove Monica Ross-Williams name from the Ypsilanti Township Treasurer's Race, which will be self-funded by Monica Ross-Williams. 

NO FUNDS for this legal effort will be used from the Committee to Elect Monica Ross-Williams as Ypsilanti Township Treasurer or any previous Campaign Committee of Monica Ross-Williams as current Ypsilanti Township Trustee or former Park Commissioner for Ypsilanti Township will be used.

Noting such, if you are so inclined to DONATE to the Monica's Ypsilanti Township Election Integrity Legal Fund, please feel free to do so 
via this PayPal Link or Directly via Cash App at $Monica2150.

Lastly, as a result of all of the above, Monica Ross-Williams - Ypsilanti Township Trustee has requested and has been included on the 
Tuesday, May 5, 2020, @ 7:00 pm ET Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees Public Meeting Agenda; A Motion for a Vote of No Confidence for Clerk Karen Lovejoy Roe. 

The meeting is available for the Public to attend with the COVID-19 Mitigation Period virtually via 
Zoom Conference and the link to do so is available here.

We will make sure to keep you updated on this effort going forward.





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