Statement From Monica RW

On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, an favorable decision was made on all counts as it relates to my Legal Action for Election Integrity in Ypsilanti Township! 

Listen in to the full video explanation of the details of my case below:













Prior to providing the details, first - I would like to thank the truly outstanding legal services of The Miller Law Group and Attorneys Melvin Butch Hollowell and Angela L. Baldwin.

Each of the Attorneys believed in the merits of the sought injunctive relief and debated the case eloquently and with the utmost professionalism. 

Next, I deeply appreciate Washtenaw County 22nd Circuit Court Chief Judge, the Honorable Carol Kuhnke through review of the facts of the case and rendering a fair decision for the parties.

Additionally, Thank You's are equally forwarded to the Plaintiff's in a separate but adjoining action for Election Integrity in Ypsilanti Township - Ypsilanti Township Supervisor Brenda Stumbo and Treasurer Larry Doe.

Ms. Stumbo and Mr. Doe's case sought to remove from the list of candidates all three candidates: Myself, Heather Jarrell Roe- former candidate for Ypsilanti Township Clerk and William "Billy" Sinkule - former candidate for Ypsilanti Township Park Commissioner - all of which had fatal error Affidavit of Identities and Receipt of Filings off of the certified list of candidates for the August 4, 2020, Primary Election ballot.

The relief sought in this separate case was equally successful.

Also, HUGE THANK YOU'S are forwarded to The People who donated, supported or otherwise encouraged this Legal Court Action for Election Integrity in Ypsilanti Township. You know who you are and I appreciate each and every one of YOU!

What WE THE PEOPLE means to Me....







In my former campaign, which began on August 14, 2019, my goal was to be the next elected Treasurer of Ypsilanti Township.

With such, I would like to take a moment and TRULY THANK my SC Team along with each and every supporter, those who encouraged, donated time, monetary resources or advice for that path. 

As an Elected Official in Ypsilanti Township for the past eight and one-half years, first as a proud Ypsilanti Township Parks Commissioner and now Trustee, my goals have always been the same -- "To Move Ypsilanti Township Forward, Growing OUR Community. "

Elected Officials are servants of The People, who sit and make decisions in the best interests of The People they serve.

With such, it has been and will continue to be important to connect, interact, listen and yes, equally take criticism when warranted of what The People wants, needs and expectations are for THEIR COMMUNITY.

In the role of Trustee, the definition of what the role does is simple: We are the Township's Fiduciary.

However, if a person is blessed to serve the 57,000 residents of Ypsilanti Township they should be ready, willing and able to be much more than Fiduciary. Up to and including having the inherent integrity to do what is right regardless if whatever goals are lost, as a result.

THE PEOPLE of our Community Demand It and Each One of Our Residents have the Right to Expect Such!

In other words, being an Elected Official is NEVER about "you" and it is always about "WE" - The People of Ypsilanti Township!

As noted above, the decision rendered by the Court found that the Writ of Mandamus with sought in the case was valid, the Affidavit of Identity and Receipt of Filing was fatally flawed due to the date of signing not being in line with the Notary Date, and the relief sought - removal of my name from the Ypsilanti Township Treasurer's race list of certified candidates was wholly adequate.

Some have inquired, what are your NEXT STEPS Monica?


At this point and time one thing is certain - I will be Blessed to continue being your Ypsilanti Township Trustee until the end of the term on November 20, 2020 - and look forward to robustly serve your interest in this role.

Also, I have announced on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, a WRITE-IN Campaign for Ypsilanti Township CLERK, Learn more about why this candidacy was launched by viewing the video below!


Lastly, if you are inclined, feel free to donate the quest for WRITE-IN Campaign for Ypsilanti Township CLERK Campaign and forward a Heart Seed Donation to the Campaign via Act Blue!



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