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"Born and raised in the Ypsilanti Area, whose parents consisted of a UAW Skilled Trades Worker Father and a Homemaker Mother active in the community, a keen understanding exists on how although our municipality has changed, some important things remain the same. The strengths of our neighborhoods, the ability to rise together to enact change and the importance of listening to residents for insight on their wants, desires and expectations of elected officials is paramount. Being grateful for residents of Ypsilanti Township electing me to serve in a position of leadership for the past seven years, I vow to keep our community forward by partnering with you to do so. Lastly, I will continue the sound financial management to ensure Ypsilanti Township is a premier 21st Century Community for our current and future residents." - Monica Ross-Williams, MBA
Continuing Ypsilanti Township Strong Municipal Financial Stewardship

Monica plans on continuing Ypsilanti Township's Strong Financial Stewardship in the role of Treasurer by:

*Ensuring sufficient funds are available to meet Ypsilanti Township's ongoing operational and investment requirements.

*Maintaining Uniform Chart of Accounts for Municipal Management using the Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).

*Overseeing proper internal controls to manage the general property tax administration process, including collection and distribution of tax revenues

*Implementation of sound cash management procedures and proper handling of funds, including knowledge of investment instruments and legal limitations on investments.

*Maintaining principal knowledge of the township budget and ability to project reasonable cash flows on an annual basis.

Foresting Strong Environmental Stewardship To Protect Public Lands, Parks and Open Spaces

Currently serving as one of Ypsilanti Township's Trustees since 2016 and as an Elected Ypsilanti Township Park Commissioner for five and one half years prior, Monica continues to be a strong advocate for protecting the Township's 27 Community and Neighborhood Parks:

*Monica affirms the continued development and implementation of sound policies related preserving Township's Parks, Wetlands and Open Land Spaces.

*Monica recently served in her current role as Ypsilanti Township Trustee, on the Ypsilanti Township 2040 Parks and Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee who completed the following plan in 2018:

*Additionally, Monica was selected to serve on the Seven-County Regional Parks and Recreation Master Plan Task Force with the Southeastern Michigan County of Governments (SEMCOG) and assisted with policy development of the following seven county regional plan linked here:

Execute Sound 21st Century Economic Development Strategy

Going forward into this decade and beyond, for Ypsilanti Township to grow Monica believes the community must embark upon Sound 21st Century Economic Development Strategy which:

*Includes a business growth opportunity mix of entrepreneurship and start-up industries.

*Maintain and enhance an environment which allows for small and medium size businesses to prosper.


*Adopting an active strategy to recruit businesses that excel job growth and opportunities for Township residents set forth in the Ypsilanti Township 2040 Master Plan

Learn more details about the Ypsilanti Township 2040 Master Plan at this link:

Ensuring Safe Communities with Sound Public Safety Partnerships and Policies

*For Ypsilanti Township to Maintain a Safe Environment for our Residents, Public Officials must be ready, willing and able to partner and work in unison with local Units of Law Enforcement to Protect the Community.

*Working with Township Leadership Officials to maintain current Neighborhood Watch Programs and expansion into new communities/residential neighborhoods.

*Partner with contracted Law Enforcement Units and Personnel to ensure the sharing of information designed to promote safe communities.

*Steward adequate and fiscally sound contractual agreements with Law Enforcement, Fire Protection units and personnel.

Monica's Vow To Ypsilanti Township's Residents  

Before You Vote - The Candidate Speaks:

Starting this quest to be your next Ypsilanti Township Treasurer in 2020, I have learned many life lessons that will remain installed in my heart forever.

The utmost importance of maintaining sound financial stewardship for Ypsilanti Township can continuing being a place families and individuals can work, live, play and grow.

The importance of active listening to learn what you desire for your Township to be and become.

The importance of supporting our small and medium sized business community to keep jobs and entrepreneurship ideas reaching their maximum potential in an area we all call home.

How the power of one can inspire many to enact necessary change for enhancing the diverse mix of cultures, richly existing throughout our wonderful community.

How residents joining as a force of conviction can ensure their neighborhoods remain a safe place to grow, thrive and raise a family.

The natural resources of land, water, lakes and streams located in heavenly abundance throughout our Ypsilanti Township.

Attending thirty-two neighborhood watch meetings, numerous forums, debates, gatherings, houses of worship and other events; I have been truly blessed since this campaign begun to meet, talk with and listen to YOUR ideas on what ways YOU want Ypsilanti Township thrive in the years ahead and I vow to do just that.

Be the beacon for YOUR voice if entrusted into the position of Ypsilanti Township Treasurer.

To represent YOU, no matter if you live in the South, West, East or North ends of the Township and anywhere in between. Because my mission in this campaign quest was never about me. It was always and will forever remain about YOU.

Specifically, what I can do to lead the path YOU desire to make Ypsilanti Township the BEST PLACE to LIVE, WORK and LEARN for YOU and YOURS.

If YOU desire these inherent qualities in your next Treasurer on the Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees, I would humbly ask YOU for YOUR VOTE on Tuesday, August 4. 2020.

My promise to YOU is to always have a Open Door, Ear and Heart to what is truly needed to make Ypsilanti Township the Best Place It Can Be.

These are not just words, this is my solemn vow to each and every Resident of our Township, until my time is done on this Earth, if elected to be YOUR NEXT YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP TREASURER because, “Striving to Move Ypsilanti Township Forward - Growing Our Community” is not just a slogan or words used to create a sentence.

It is quantified by work rendered in the past, present and into future to come - as demonstrated by prior action, and not just words.

And make sure to vote on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 from 7am - 8pm EST ensure sure YOUR VOICE is heard for YOUR ideas on how the future of Ypsilanti Township, should be.


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